Mission Nearly Complete!


Welcome to the ultimate road trip baseball site.  This site is a collection of thoughts between three authors that have been across the country together watching and enjoying baseball.  In the upcoming summer of 2012 the two people you see here Alan and Dave will complete the last two stadiums on each of their list and complete a stadium for each big league team.

What can only be described as epic road trips were completed to accomplish the task of visiting all 30 MLB cities and we have created a site as to share the experiences with everyone.  This site has been developed such that Alan and Dave cannot edit each others responses to questions or articles to stadiums and road trips.  The duo consistently answers questions around their travels and the debates have spanned everything from food to hotel accommodations to best indoor and outdoor parks.  WLB has asked each participant to author blogs about their experiences and their stories are share here.

The long term goal for this site is to encompass the likes of closed stadiums, future stadiums, and even minor league and independent parks.  The name of the site says it all; WE LOVE BASEBALL!

For starters, this is where it all began....